Relieve pain with sound
Woodpecker Pain app uses unique sound frequencies to effectively relieve pain



Effective pain relief

Woodpecker Pain app uses specific sequences of sound frequencies that alleviate different types of pain including injurries related pain, joint pain, back pain and headaches.


No side effects

Compared to medication-based pain relief, Woodpecker App is more natural and safe. It is an ideal choice for athletes, kids and elderly wanting a quick & safe pain relief.

How it works

Specific treatment for each pain area

The audio clips created by our research contain specific sequences of sound frequencies carefully tuned to activate the acupressure points on your skin. This way you can effectively target different pain types.

Release endorphins

The treatment activates multiple acupunture points, tiggering the brain to release endorphins - the body's natural substance that takes away the pain and inflamation.

Relieve your pain now

Try out Woodpecker pain app and feel better.